Frostbite 1999!

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 The Fleet prepares to do battle in the almost frigid waters of the Chesapeake!
 Roger and Nate on the SC-20, with Pete and Bryan on their N5.8na!
 Roger and Nate on their SC-20 try to escape Pepper and Bobby on their Prindle-18!
 Pepper and Bobby during pre-start on their Prindle-18!  The scenic town of Galesville in the background!
 Pete and "Wire Flyin' Bryan" Cosgrove air it out a bit in pre-start!
Pete and and Bryan trying to escape from Pat!


Pat on the wire on his Hobie-16!

These photographs were taken by members of the Fleet using a disposable camera during Frostbite '99.  We'll try more of this this year!  Thanks!

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