More Fleet 15 Action!

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 "Wire Flyin'" Bryan demonstrating his sleeping while standing technique while dad does all the work!
 Jim is always finding a way to practice safe-sailing!
 Fleet High Priest Roger performs an ancient and sacred catamaran sailor ritual to thank the Polynesian Gods for yet another glorious day in the Fleet!
 Although always cheerful when told to ride the lee bow in light air, Greg secretly plans to duct tape Cap'n Keith to that cursed Hobie-18 foredeck for a day or two to let him know just what it's like!
 Brian often has to take "time out" when Jim finds the provisions in the cooler have been raided!
During the week he's a mild mannered Coast Guard Commander and Hobie-16 driver, but on the weekend Pat becomes Crew For Hire Man, a hero possessing superpowers that enable him to propel skippers (like Dave here at the Chesapeake 100) to trophy positions in regattas near and far!  All without a telephone booth...
Fleet best friend and committee person Michelle with Fleet best friend and world-famous Pirates Cove bartender extraordinaire Joe!
It took some time to convince Jim and Pete that the "Full Monte" is not required to do the "wild thing"! 

These photographs were taken by Fleet Folks.  Thanks!

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