2003 CRAC/WRCRA Lighthouse Race!

Sunday, October 5!


Yes, it's the 2003 edition of the popular ending to the CRAC Chesapeake Bay Distance Racing Series!  hard to believe that 2003 has come to this, but it's time for the book-end to the Icebreaker!  For the second year in a row, the West River Catamaran Racing Association (that's WRCRA...) will host this CSAC Chesapeake classic!   Over the last couple of years, this race has put up high winds and big seas!  Be there for the 2003 running to see what Mother Nature serves up for the Galesville area!

Want more specifics?  Of course you do!  Follow the links laddies and lassies!

2003 CRAC/WRCRA Lighthouse Race NOR

2003 CRAC/WRCRA Lighthouse Race Sailing Instructions

2003 CRAC/WRCRA Lighthouse Race Registration Form

As usual, we'll try to make the course one of medium distance around some of the Chesapeake Bay's nearby lighthouses - mainly Thomas Point and Bloody Point Lights if Mother Nature wants us to.  We'll adjust the course to conditions on race day.

Now, some of you may be aware that Isabel was recently unkind to Galesville.  Our sponsor, Pirates Cove restaurant had a bit of water in their first floor.  Hopefully things will be back to normal by race day!  Also, Pirate's Cove has some hotel rooms.

Stay tuned to this station - more news just may be coming!

Want to learn more about the Chesapeake Bay's lighthouses?  Check out http://www.cheslights.org/