****  Old News of the 2005 Sailing Season ****

2005 End of Year Recap:

WRCRA Frostbite Series:

The 2005 Frostbite race was a first for the Fleet - we expanded the number of races to 7 and added a throw-out.  In the end it came down to the final race to decide a two-way fight for First place.  Third place featured a four-way fight at the last race.  It was hard to believe that yet another great year of catamaran racing was coming to an end in Galesville, and to have so much riding on the last race as well!  Anyway, here's the top spots for the Frostbite:

1st Place - Roger Holmes SC-22 "Oz"

2nd Place - Constantine Seremetis Taipan 4.9

3rd Place - Keith Chapman Nacra 6.0na "Katzenjammer"

WRCRA Summer/Fall Series:

The Summer/Fall series saw the return of the mighty "Oz" to the battle ground.  It also marked the first (and only) appearance of an A-Cat in the top three spots of a series.  The battle was not as close in this series, as the top three spots were pretty well locked in before the end.  The top cats for the Summer/Fall:

1st Place - Roger Holmes SC-22 "Oz"

2nd Place - Keith Chapman Nacra 6.0na "Katzenjammer"

3rd Place - Alec Daunheimer A-Cat "Liquid Courage"

CRAC/WRCRA Lighthouse Race:

The Lighthouse Race bucked the trends from the last couple of years and turned up the same extreme light air conditions that have plagued all of the distance races in 2005.  Seventeen boats turned out, but the start was delayed to wait for the winds to come up.  The competitors came in everything from Hobie-16s to the mighty Reynolds-33.  As the Fleet got to Thomas Point Lighthouse, the wind went away almost completely.  In the end four boats battled the conditions and each other to finish.  They were:

1st Place - Keith Chapman/Alec Daunheimer Nacra 6.0na "Katzenjammer"

2nd Place - Doug Kirby/Andy Herbick Nacra Inter 20 "Howard's Pub"

3rd Place - Chris Allen/Tyler Lee Nacra 6.0na "Relentless Bastards"

4th Place - John McLaughlin/Ryan Flanigan Nacra Inter 20 "Bobby"

NASS Annapolis to Oxford Race:

For the first time in a long time the beach cats took the official start in this race, starting as the last group.  What started as a beautiful fresh breeze soon turned into zephyrs.  The beach cats did a great job cutting through the front starters and working their way towards the front of the race when wind died further and everybody on the water realized that there was no way to finish before the time limit expired.  It was an amazing thing to see that many boats on the water drop their sails at almost the same time.  The keelboats graciously offered tows to the beach cats, even tossing provisions (beer) to the thirsty mad catters.  In the end four boats from the PHRF A0 class finished, and that was it.  One things for sure - we had fun, and plan to be back next year!  Thanks much to NASS for having us, and also to the Tred Avon Yacht Club for the hospitality. 

What's up for 2006?  

The racing for this year is shaping up to be spectacular!  The big news is the growth of the Nacra Inter-20 Fleet!  The WRCRA lot seems to sprouting a bunch of these hotties, giving a great opportunity for some one-design action in the midst of Open-Class competition.  The A-Cats continue to revitalize the WRSC while growing in numbers!  Check out http://home.mindspring.com/~fordc for the new local A-Cat site. 

Once again we'll be hosting the CRAC/WRCRA Icebreaker and Lighthouse races.  

This year the Beach Cats are again in with the CBYRA schedule, so look for those events and support them if you can!

So, for this year, what are you waiting for?  If you're a new or veteran cat sailor looking for action, you've found the right place.  We're laid back but competitive.  If you've been tempted to experience the dark side, come on out and see what it's really like to sail fast!