****  Old News of the 2006 Sailing Season ****

Season's Greetings from the WRCRA Cat Racers!

Here's a shot of the die-hards that made it to the last Frostbite race!  What a handsome bunch!  Everybody be safe through the Holidays, and get ready for the Awards Party!  Stay tuned for the details...

2006 WRCRA Turkey Buzzard Race!

On the Sunday right after Thanksgiving we held our almost annual Turkey Buzzard Race!  This race commemorates not only Thanksgiving traditions; it is held in the name of the Galesville catamaran sailing official bird!  A handful of sailors shook off the turkey feast induced food comas and battled it out for a little cold, hard cash.  Team Oz came out in the money!  Way to go Roger and Nate.  Check out the Results page for the full story.

2006 WRCRA Frostbite Series!

The last of the 2006 series is now complete!  Once again there was some great racing, and once again the weather got pretty ugly for a couple of weeks.  This series saw some dueling between the SC-22 and Nacra-20s for top position on the course!  Good times.  The top spots in the series continue to an interesting look at the spectrum of boats, but now the big spin boats asserted themselves, with an all spin-boat top three.  Once again, a real mix.  Here's how they stacked up:

1st - Keith Chapman/Alec Daunheimer, Nacra-20 "Pirates of the Chesapeake"

2nd - Roger Holmes/Nathan Berger, SC-22 "Oz"

3rd - Constantine Seremetis, Taipan-4.9

Congrats to the top teams, and to everybody else who made the series a great event!  Check out the Results for the full info!

With the Frostbite series now behind us, the regular racing for 2006 is done.  Any group such as ours is more than the current group of members.   While the current members are the visible face, those that have gone before leave an imprint in the soul of the club.  As we say goodbye to this year's competition, we hold in our hearts the memories of those that have left us.  Some went to other locations for new opportunities and new adventure, some crossed to the other side.   To them we say we miss you all, and look forward to the day when our paths cross again, wherever that may be.

NACRA-20s Established as Provisional One-Design Fleet at the WRSC!

Racing at the WRCRA gave rise to the birth of the A-Cat Fleet that got established at the WRSC.  Now, WRCRA racing has given birth to yet another one design Fleet at the WRSC - the NACRA-20s!  In a win-win-win-win situation, the 20s have been granted provisional status as a one-design Fleet at this storied Galesville club.  It's a four-way win because obviously the NACRAs will be part of and benefit from the established one-design racing program at the WRSC.  WRSC wins because another new, exciting, and vibrant group is joining up.  The WRCRA wins because a portion of the NACRAs will continue to compete on Tuesdays while room is freed up for new members.  And Galesville wins because it will continue to grow as the ONLY real hotbed of multihull sailing on the whole Chesapeake Bay!  Gotta love that.  What's good for us is good for the scene and the town!  While these new changes will present opportunities for the sport, it will also provide challenges for us.  But we're up to it and as always we invite others to join in and get a taste of real high-performance sailing with a competitive yet laid back group!

WRCRA Changes Venues to a new Haunt!

At the end of the Summer/Fall series the Fleet decided to try some new digs for après sail food and drinks.  The new home of the Fleet is the Riverview Inn.  Pirate's Cove is still one of the tops on our list, but we figured it was time to see what the rest of Galesville had to offer.  If you're in town and looking for drinks, good times, and choice food, give the Riverview a try.  You might just bump into one of your favorite catamaran sailors!  Thanks to the whole Riverview crew for making us welcome!  

2006 WRCRA Summer/Fall Series!

The 2006 Summer/Fall series is now in the books!  There was some great racing, even though once again the weather got pretty ugly for a couple of weeks.  The top spots in the series continue to an interesting look at the spectrum of boats.  A single hand boat (A-Cat) took top honors, with the mighty Supercat-22 grabbing second.  Sneaking into the top spot was a Nacra-20.  Once again, a real mix.  Here's how they stacked up:

1st - Ed Mills, A-Cat "Lucky Duck"

2nd - Roger Holmes/Nathan Berger, SC-22 "Oz"

3rd - Keith Chapman/Alec Daunheimer, Nacra-20 "Pirates of the Chesapeake"

Congrats to the top teams, and to everybody else who made the series a great event!  Check out the Results for the full info!

2006 CRAC/WRCRA Lighthouse Race! - Sunday October 1!

The 2006 edition of the CRAC/WRCRA Lighthouse Race was held Sunday, October 1.  Conditions turned out to be beautiful!  Ok, a couple more knots of wind would have been nice, but there was enough for the racers to go from Galesville to Bloody Point Light and back.  Spinnakers ruled on the way to the lighthouse, but the upwind fight belonged to the A-Cats and Taipan on the way back.

1st - Constantine Seremetis, Taipan-4.9

2nd - Roger Holmes/Nathan Berger, SC-22 "Oz"

3rd - Mark Bellerman, A-Cat

Check out the CRAC web site for the scoring and details!

2006 NASS Annapolis to Oxford Race!

N-20 Team Tygart Grabs Oxford Line Honors!!!!!!!

There!  You won't see that in any of the Annapolis area rags, but that's what happened!  The Oxford race kicked off in conditions that were stronger than forecast, and that led to a high-speed sled ride down to the Choptank.  Despite starting as the last group, the fleet of five beach cats (four N-20s and one ARC-22) quickly began ripping through the mono fleet.  Doug Kirby and Andy Herbick of Team Tygart Racing held it together and upright to be the first boat over the line at the Tred Avon Yacht Club.  The other beach cats also put on impressive performances, but all suffered a capsize or two that slowed them off of Tygart's pace.  Way to go Doug and Andy!

By contrast, the Hammond Memorial race on Sunday was characterized by the last third of the race being a complete drifter.  The only boats to finish came from the Multihull and Beach Cat classes.  Eric Miller grabbed the shoreline early at the mouth of the Choptank to best the beach cat Fleet and be the only beach cat to finish.  Congratulations Eric!

2006 WRSC Twilight Race!

This year's twilight race didn't turn out too good for the catamarans.  The conditions were forecasted to build from the South, and the weather ended up matching the forecast almost exactly, with winds the in high teens building to the low twenties with gusts higher..  With the start near CBYRA Z, the course ran to CBYRA R, P, and Z.  The beach cats were assigned two laps.  The class was well populated with a Hobie-16, Hobie-20, Nacra-20s, SC-22, and Reynolds-33.  With the wind building from the South, the ride to R was a battle against the building waves.  Once around R the chutes came out for a blazing ride north to P.  The wind really started to build after the cats got around P and headed to Z, and most of the Fleet retired at that point instead of going for a second lap.  Chris Allen and Todd Berget went for the second lap, and after passing Bloody Point got hit by a series of gusts that eventually capsized them.  In the capsize Chris dislocated his shoulder.  They managed to get righted, and Todd sailed the boat back to the WRSC where Chris got a ride in the ambulance.  A huge Attaboy for Mr. Berget!  But for all that, the real story was that Chris And Collete Bolton finished the course and took the race!  Great job!  Check out Chris's tale of the race here.

2006 WRCRA Spring/Summer Series!

The 2006 Spring/Summer series is now in the books!  There was some great racing, even though the weather got pretty ugly for a couple of weeks.  The top spots in the series are an interesting look at the spectrum of boats.  Two single hand boats got top honors, one with a spinnaker (Taipan 4.9) and one not (A-Cat).  Also in the top was the mightiest cat in the Fleet - the Supercat-22.  Like I said, a real mix.  Even more spectacular is that only one point between 1st and 2nd, and only one point between 2nd and 3rd!  Close series!  Here's how they stacked up:

1st - Constantine Seremetis, Taipan-4.9

2nd - Ed Mills, A-Cat "Lucky Duck"

3rd - Roger Holmes/Nathan Berger, SC-22 "Oz"

Congrats to the top teams, and to everybody else who made the series a great event!  Check out the Results for the full info!


2006 CRAC/WRCRA Chesapeake-100!

Team Gertie/Cystic Fibrosis lighting it up on day two of the C-100!

This years edition of the CRAC C-100, sponsored by Fitness Resource, changed the format up a bit - this year after starting in Galesville the racers headed to Cambridge.  On the second day the course reversed and went from Cambridge to Pirates Cove Restaurant in Galesville.   To make the full distance, the course also had a loop from Bloody Point Light to Thomas Point Light before heading south.  Just like the majority of times this race has  been run, the first day saw high winds and carnage, while the second day had light wind and frustration!  Fifteen boats started the race on Saturday, but only six finished the day's course.  Blustery winds from the northwest knocked out a number of boats before they had the chance to turn south.  Those that stuck it out were treated to high winds and large seas as the northerly blow really built up the waves heading south.  It would have been an all NACRA 20 party, except for the Hobie-20 of David Nees.  The return trip on Sunday started out nice, but by the time the racers got to the mouth of the Choptank the winds had largely gone away.  The sailors tried different strategies, but in the end both the boats that went east and west converged at about the same time.  The wind filled in a bit in the afternoon, and after a day of chasing the breeze a mere 7 seconds separated the 1st and 2nd place boats with Team Tygart overtaking Team Gertie/Cystic Fibrosis as the latter had troubles with the spinnaker at the very end.  The third and fourth place boats also finished within a minute of each other.  After a few completely unsuccessful attempts at this race in the past, Chris Allen dominated and made a good chunk of cash for Cystic Fibrosis research!

The overall and Spin class results:  

1st - Gertie/Team CF Chris Allen/Jerry Zell

2nd - Tygart Racing Doug Kirby/Andy Herbick

3rd - Worrell Bros, Rob Lancaster/Don Sievert

Non-Spin results:

1st - Fitness Resource, David Nees/Gibson Peters

Check out www.SailCRAC.com for the full results.  And make sure you clear your calendar for next year's race!


2006 CRAC/WRCRA Icebreaker!

Chris Ford Taking Line Honors!

The 2006 edition of the Icebreaker Race was held on Sunday, April 23.  14 boats entered, from Taipan 4.9s to the mighty Reynolds 33.  Conditions were light with a little rain thrown in, but the racing was still great.  In the end, Chris Ford took line honors and all the marbles and looked just marvelous doing it.  See the pic above if you don't believe me.

The top finishers were:  

1st: Chris Ford, A-Cat 

2nd: Constantine Seremetis, Taipan 4.9 

3rd: Chris and Colette Bolton, Hobie 20 

4th: Ed Mills, A Cat 

5th: Dave Taylor, A Cat

Check out www.SailCRAC.com for the full results.  Also, check out the A-Cat Fleet site for Icebreaker pics.

In Memoriam:  

Joe Williams and Rob Wilson

The Fleet has lost two of its great friends early this year, one a sailor and one not.  

Joe Williams, or "Fort Knox" as many called him, was a Galesville institution, having spent almost his whole career working at Pirate's Cove.  He was definitely part of the Fleet, and if you didn't like his open friendliness, ability to remember people and make them feel at home, work ethic, or his gold teeth and $100 bill bow tie, you had to love his cherry Pontiac GTO Judge.  Quick with a joke and a smile, we'll miss hearing him call out our names as we come in and seeing us off with "love ya, see you next Tuesday".

Rob Wilson was a sailor through and through, and he had knack for being unflappable and keeping Tornado skippers at ease.  A forensic engineer by trade, he had a eye for how things should be.  This, combined with a dry wit and a Scottish accent made him a fixture in the core of the Fleet.   He sailed with Chris Ford when Chris had his Tornado, and over the last couple of years sailed with Kevin Cook on Kevin's Tornado.  He also crewed for Mark Schneider and others, again mostly on Tornados.  Kevin and Rob often were out sailing when the rest of us were futzing around on the beach waiting for the skipper's meetings.  I always thought they were sorting out the boat or practicing something, but Kevin revealed that Rob basically told him that it's a beautiful day, forget the meeting let's enjoy the time out sailing.  As it should be.

As we start the new season it's hard to imagine our friends are not here in person.  But they sure are here in spirit.  Guys, thanks for spending some of your time with us, we're all the better for it!  Cheers. 


2006 Announcements:

===> WRCRA Fleet Awards Party <===

The first and most important event was the WRCRA Fleet Awards Party for the 2005 season!  The party was on Saturday, February 25, and the Fleet gathered to tell tall tales, eat great food, drink great drink, and hand out the coveted WRCRA trophies for the top four spots in each series!  See below for the recaps of the series.  The coveted WRCRA 2005 Season High Point (actually low point) was taken by Team Katzenjammer!  Congrats to skipper Keith Chapman and crew Bob Strang and Greg Kurtz!