News of the 2007 Sailing Season:

12/21/07 - Captain Stadt's New Ship (USCGC Bertholf) in Sea Trials!

Our very own Pat Stadt dropped us a line and included some pictures of his ride underway for the first time!  Here are his words: 

"Attached are a couple of shots of my new ship, underway for the first time under her own power.  I spent the week with the team that took her out for machinery trials and she performed a little better than expected - 28kts at only 85% of rated power!  Quiet, smooth and fast.
It was a great week.  The next set of trials is scheduled for late January when all of the electronic packages will be checked out.  Delivery is scheduled for 26 February, but I'm expecting it'll be a little more like mid to late March.  The crew and I move to Pascagoula the first week in February to prep for delivery.

Preps are underway to cruise up the Chesapeake in late April/early May -I'll keep you posted.  Plans include anchoring overnight in Annapolis, on the way to Fells Point for several days."

Let's all wish Pat and his crew continued success in the project!


12/3/07 - Frostbite is Done, so is Racing for 2007!

The WRCRA Frostbite series is done, and with that so is the 2007 season of weekly catamaran racing!  The Frostbite saw close racing at the top of the positions, and it wasn't until the last race was over that things were decided.  Even then, first place came done to a tie!  Here are the results:

1st - Keith Chapman/Alec Daunheimer, Nacra-20 "Pirates of the Chesapeake"

2nd - Joe Kaiser, A-Cat

3rd - John Geiger, Nacra 6.0na

12/3/07 - Riverview Inn Closed!

The new home of the WRCRA has closed for business.  We're very bummed, as the Riverview served up the best food and camaraderie that we've experienced in Galesville.  Sorry to see it, these were good times indeed.  Maybe they'll resurrect, but more likely we'll be looking for a new home for '08.

12/3/07 - The Tornado is Dropped from the 2012 Olympics!

After promising to support two multihull disciplines for the 2012 Olympics, US Sailing did an about-face and voted to drop the multihull altogether.  Lots has already been written about this one - not much can be added here, except that we're yet another disappointed group of multihull sailors.  What happens now?  It sure leaves a hole in things.  I think US Sailing needs to offer up a gesture of good faith, and soon at that.  Soon we'll see whether folks look to fix this problem from within US Sailing or simply drop their support for that organization and get behind another organization such as NAMSA.  

10/17/07 - First Annual Rob Wilson Memorial Trophy!

Catamaran racing took another step for the positive as the WRSC hosted their annual Pumpkin Patch Regatta on 10/13 and 10/14.  This time the only classes to participate were the A-Cats, the NACRA-20s, and the open class.  Yes, that's right, the Open Class!  The Sunday part of the race even counted as the Frostbite for the day for the WRCRA.  The Open Class scoring determined the winner of the Rob Wilson Memorial Trophy, and a very deserving Tony Arends put the hurt on the Fleet to convincingly win the right to be the first honored by the memorial trophy.  Rob's family was on hand, and afterwards a toast was given in Rob's memory.  Way to go Tony!  And Rob, we still miss you!

10/5/07 - Spring/Summer, Summer/Fall, and Frostbite Series!

The Tuesday night racing has come to a close!  Check the results page, you'll see that the F-16 Blades are still putting the smack-down on the Fleet.  It's hard to believe another year of Tuesdays is behind us, but the good news is that means that the Frostbite series is here!  Racing began on Sunday, October 7, come on out to sail or to watch, and join the Fleet at the Riverview Inn after the race!  Can anybody stop the run-away Blades?   Come on out and join in, or come on out and watch!  Be a part of the fun!

10/5/07 - 2007 NASS Annapolis to Oxford Race!

The Annapolis to Oxford race once again saw blustery winds and big waves from the North, setting a wild spin ride down the Bay to the Choptank.  The big news is that Tygart Racing, the NACRA-20 of Doug Kirby and Andy Herbick reset the fastest elapsed time record, beating their own record from last year!  Way to go guys!  Also, during the race Rob Lancaster suffered a nasty meeting with a daggerboard and got a significant wound to show for it.  Here's to a speedy recovery!  I hear rum helps a lot...  Stay tuned for next year!  Will the mighty Tygart juggernaut reset the record again?

10/5/07 - Summer/Fall!

As the Spring/Summer series saw the debut of the Blade F-16 on the West River - the Summer/Fall series saw them dominate!  Constantine gave the Fleet his usual break this time of year by taking his sailing to Greece, and that gave the other F-16s the opening they needed.  It would also be another all single-hand trophy group.  Here's how it stacked:

1st - Ed Mills, Blade F-16 "Lucky Duck"

2nd - John McLaughlin, Blade F-16

3rd - Joe Kaiser, A-Cat

10/5/07 - Spring/Summer!

The Spring/Summer series saw the debut of some new boats on the West River - the Blade F-16.  Finally the Taipans had worthy adversaries!  It would also turn out that the rest of Fleet would have formidable competition from the new boats.  But when the dust settled, Constantine ruled supreme on his Taipan 4.9, coming in on top of an all single-hand trophy group.  Here's how it stacked:

1st - Constantine Seremetis, Taipan-4.9 F-16

2nd - Ed Mills, Blade F-16 "Lucky Duck"

3rd - John McLaughlin, Blade F-16

5/24/07 - Pirates of the Chesapeake at the Tybee-500!

Despite being bitten by a string of bad luck, Keith and Alec had a great time and learned a lot.  The effort bogged down in the beginning when Keith picked up the stomach flu from his daughter.  Jodie Perkins sailed the first leg in his place, and did a great job!  Just when it looked like things were going to get better, the team's boat took a hit going off the beach at Cocoa.  That was the end of the effort for this year, but look out, the Pirates will be back!  Check out the team site at for more info and pictures. Here's a pic of the finish at Jupiter Beach:

5/24/07 - A-Cat Nationals!

The West River Sailing Club hosted the A-Cat Nationals this past weekend.  Sounds like great racing all around.  Lars Guck dominated, but our own Tony Arends came out in 7th.  Cheers to both the competitors and club!

They're off!  The WRCRA 2007 Season Got Underway - April 24, 2007!

Despite the pending weather conditions and the need for lots of people to still get their boats together, the Fleet still turned out 13 boats!  This bodes well for the rest of the season!  Congrats to Constantine for winning the opener!

WRCRA 2007 Season Skipper's Meeting was Held on April 10, 2007!

The Skipper's meeting was held, and many things were discussed and some items were even decided.  Check your mail for the full minutes.

WRCRA 2006 Season Awards Party was Held on March 31, 2007!

As usual the party was a great success and lots of fun.  Check back here, we'll have more info up about it soon.

WRCRA 2007 Season Schedule is Posted!

Check out the schedule, and get comments back as soon as possible if there are any problems.  Ignore the scheduled date for the skipper's meeting at this point, and stay tuned for more info on that.  Be thinking about what improvements you'd like discussed at the meeting, this is your one chance to affect how the Fleet conducts its business for the year!

WRCRA 2007 Season - What We All Need to Do to Be Successful!

It should come as no surprise to anybody that 2007 will be a rebuilding year for the WRCRA.  With the A-Cats and Nacra-20s having headed for one-design Nirvana at the WRSC, we've got a lot of space on the Church Street lot.  While the As and 20s will be joining us on Tuesdays, we need to turn our efforts to bringing more boats to the WRCRA.  Our program has been the best at adding to the cat sailing action on the Bay, and now we have an unprecedented opportunity to grow it even more!  So, what can you do?  Get the word out.  Bring a friend.  Do you see a beach cat stored in somebody's yard?  Ring their doorbell and invite them to the party.  New blood is life blood for any club - go get some new blood!

WRCRA 2007 Season - 2007 Tybee - 500!

You may have heard by now that Alec Daunheimer and Keith Chapman will be mounting an assault on the Tybee-500 this year!  Yep, the Pirates of the Chesapeake are intent on flying the WRCRA colors from the tip of Florida to the islands of Georgia.  Preparations are under way, and there's not much time before the May13-18 dash starts.  Stop by the team site - and check things out.  Check the "join us" link and go along for the ride!