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News of the 2008 Sailing Season:

12/17/08 - 2008 News and Other Stuff!!!

Oz - Into the Sunset

2008 Wrap-Up!

The pic above sums it up - 2008 heads into the sunset.  Also fitting is that Roger is heading back to the Church Street Lot in this photo, taken by some folks that happened to be out watching the action that caught up with us at Thursday's.

It's been an eventful year for the Fleet, sometimes in a good and sometimes in a bad way!  We pulled off another year of racing, got some new members, and solidified cat sailing in Galesville.  We got to see triumphs like the arrival of the Bertholf, and recognition of Andy Herbick's talent.  We sailed a bunch, and had a lot of stories to tell of it.  

Enough of looking back, though.  What's next?  Well, 2009 is right around the corner.  The next activities to look for are the Annual Beach Catters Assault on Annapolis, and the ever awesome 2008 WRCRA Awards Party!  Stay tuned for announcements on those events. 

As always - Enjoy your family and friends this holiday season, celebrate your life.  Be safe and join us in 2009!

January 2009 Issue of the Chesapeake Bay Magazine!

In the Way Cool Department - The rag-tag bunch of beach catters from Galesville have finally hit the big time!  That's right, the January 2009 issue of one of our favorite magazines - Chesapeake Bay Magazine, features our group of sailors in a beautifully written article by Ann Levelle.  And if a feature article weren't enough, our very own Roger Holmes and Mike Murphy are on the cover sailing the Fleet flagship Oz.  The article itself has other pics of Fleet sailors as well.  Seriously cool stuff, I recommend you go out and buy a couple of copies (and if you aren't a subscriber - well, I don't want to hear about that, you fix that problem soon).   Talk to Roger soon, because it may be soon that you have to through his agent!

2008 Frostbite!

The racing for the year is over now that the Frostbite is complete.  Weather and other factors made the Turkey Buzzard race not happen this year, oh well!  The Frostbite served up a good battle for the trophy spots, but in the end Joe prevailed.  Here's how they stacked up:

1st - Joe Kaiser, A-Cat #USA-136

2nd - John Geiger, "*&%$@ Racing", Nacra-20 #513

3rd - Roger Holmes, "Oz", ARC-22 #2225 

Pretty awesome duel, congratulations to all!  Check out the series scoring results for the full story.

11/9/08 - 2008 Frostbite!!!

The Frostbite action is really heating up!  With just two races left, the top spots are all up for grabs!  There's a tie for 1st, 3rd is just one point behind, and 4th and 5th are a couple more points out!  It's anybody's game!  How will the tie between Joe and John end up?  Will Roger crush them both?  Will Pirates finally figure what the $&*!# they are doing and jump into trophies?  Or will Ed sneak in and dash trophy hopes?  The suspense is killing me!  Come on out and watch, and follow the results here!  Come out and chat with us at Thursday's afterwards!

Here's some more eye candy from Leeanne Berget (all rights reserved):

10/7/08 - 2008 Frostbite!!!

Here we go again!  The WRCRA Frostbite series starts this coming Sunday, with the start at 12:00.  Come on out and sail with us, or come on out and watch!

10/7/08 - Gone Baby Gone!!!

Here are some of the things that, due to recent events, are gone:

The 2008 Summer/Fall Series:

Is now officially over!  That raps up the Tuesday night racing for this year, and it's been another great year of sailing in Galesville, with a few exceptions (see below...).  But, back to the fun stuff.  The F-16 dominance continues, and the dominance of two stellar sailors continued alongside.  The F-16 ranks did let another boat slip into the trophies, but I'll bet they try not to let that happen again!  Here's how they stacked up:

1st - Ed Mills, Blade F-16 "Lucky Duck"

2nd - John McLaughlin, Blade F-16

3rd - Keith Chapman/Alec Daunheimer, Nacra-20 "Pirates of the Chesapeake"

Check the results to see the whole story!

With the Tuesdays done, the Galesville catamarans now move to Sundays for the Frostbite series.  Can the F-16 dominance continue?  Stay tuned...

The Topside Inn:

We're bummed.  After the Riverview closed last year it opened this year as the Topside Inn.  It recently closed again.  We're sorry to see it close, and it just adds to our feelings of homelessness.  But, in this respect we have a new home, and that's Thursday's at Steamboat Landing.  This is kind of like a homecoming for us, as the Fleet used to berth alongside the parking lot.  Come hang out with us there, catch some of the sailing and hear the exaggerated tales afterward!

The WRCRA Church Street Lot:

Yep, you read that right - the Fleet has lost it's home!  It was a rocky year for our home base.  In the end, the County decided that launching some sailboats from a maritime zoned lot (with lots of similar historical use) in a town where you're almost required to have a boat in your yard is as repugnant as they have recently decided farmers selling produce from roadside stands is.  If we had decided to build a mansion with a lighthouse and pool on an island without a single permit being filed, we would have been ok.  But we didn't, and we're out.  While this has been a set back, the Fleet and the racing continues, and we will continued to support the Galesville businesses - long live Fleet 15!

Lots of Menhaden:

Recently there have been large fish kills in the rivers of the Bay.  Whatever the cause (most likely the oxygen-poor "dead zones"), it drives home that we need to take care of this precious resource.  As sailors we're hopefully a little more in tune, but we can do more - we should support groups that are fighting for the Bay, volunteer to plant marsh grass, be a river keeper, and think twice before you spread all the things you spread on your lawn.

Our 401k Plans:

All I can say here is "egads!"


8/22/08 - The Summer/Fall Series is Underway!!!

Yes, we're back at it again!  The new series is underway and the racing as usual is great.  Here's John McLaughlin making it look good!

Picture by Leanne Berget, all rights reserved

8/22/08 - Results from the Spring/Summer Series!!!

The Spring/Summer series is complete, and wouldn't you know, the F-16s are still dominating!  Fast Boats + Excellent Sailors = Big Trophy take!  Here's the rundown:

1st - Ed Mills, Blade F-16 "Lucky Duck"

2nd - John McLaughlin, Blade F-16

3rd - Constantine Seremetis, Taipan 4.9 F-16

Ed has really been putting the hurt on the Fleet?  Can anyone stop this juggernaut?  Keep checking the results to see!

8/22/08 - Bertholf Invades Fells Point!!!

On June 26 the USCGC Bertholf made her way up the Bay to Annapolis.  The next day she headed for Fells Point.  The WRCRA sailors sailed to greet her on the way in, and then joined the crew at the Annapolis Fleet Reserve.  That weekend the cat sailors met up with their distinguished alumni and got a tour of the ship.  Check out some pics here.

6/23/08 - She's on Her Way!!!

An absolutely beautiful shot of the Bertholf leaving the Gulf on her first cruise.  She will be in the Bay on the 26th!  The Fleet will be there to welcome Pat and his new ship on the way to her anchorage off Annapolis.

5/5/08 - 2008 Cat Racing Season in Full Swing!!!

Keith and Alec heading for A mark in the 2008 WRSC Spring Regatta!

So many things, so few updates!  That's the way it goes with new additions in the house!  So, here goes...

5/5/08 - 2008 WRCRA Spring/Summer Series!!!

We're back to racing on weeknights on the West River!  It's been an interesting Spring from a Fleet perspective, but hey, we're still here and we're still racing!  The first Tuesday night race is in the books.  The F-16s are once again showing how tough they are - will the rest ante up and meet the challenge?  Stay tuned!  Watch the Results for weekly updates, cheer your favorite team, or better yet come on out and watch the action from the many venues in Galesville.  Or, even better, come on out and go sailing!  We'll show you how to get started. 

The Fleet is working on a new home for apre' sail activities - the current front-runner is the newly re-opened Topside Inn.  Look for us there after the racing to meet the Fleet and eat.  If we're not there, then you should hit all the bars in Galesville, we're likely to be at one of them!

5/5/08 - 2008 WRSC Spring Regatta!!!

April 25/26 saw the 2008 version of the Spring Regatta being held at the West River Sailing Club.  The event hosted the 505, A-Class, and Nacra-20 one design classes.  It was a well attended event, and both days gave some great sailing.

5/5/08 - 2008 WRCRA Skippers Meeting

The Fleet met to discuss the new year's activities and decide whether to change anything regarding how we race.  And we changed - nothing!  Same game as last year - let's go sailing!