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News of the 2009 Sailing Season:

7/28/09 - 2009 News and Other Stuff!!!

New Old Bar!

This seems to be a repetitive story with us, but once again we hang out at a different venue.  But, it is a venue we hung out at before, before they closed their doors.  So, anyway, the new/old venue is the Portside restaurant in Galesville.  Great stuff, friendly staff and atmosphere.  They've also added a deli that I hear is quite good.  So, next time you're down in Galesville on a Tuesday, stop by and see us at the Portside.  Come down any day for that matter, and frequent the Portside!  Here's a link - www.portsiderestaurant.net

Also, here's a pic of a rogues gallery of cat sailors after a race:


Spring/Summer Series is in the Books!

Yes, the first series of 2009 is official done!  As is usual for late, the F-16s were right in there in the top.  But the real news was that Todd and Leanne Berget had a great run going for first, but ended up losing the overall in tie-breaker with John Mclaughlin.  Yes, that's right, a tie!  Filling out the spots on the podium was Ed Mills grabbing third.   Check out the results to see the whole story!

7/3/09 - 2009 News and Other Stuff!!!

2009 WRCRA Tuesday Night Racing is Underway!

Entering our 20th year of bring catamaran racing to the weeknight racing seen on the Chesapeake, the Tuesday night racing in Galesville is going strong!  We're just about finished with the Spring/Summer series with just races left, but there's plenty of excitement left!  There's a great fight for first place going on between Todd Berget on his Nacra-20 "Grey Goose" and John McLaughlin on his F-16 Blade.  Not too far out in 3rd is Ed Mills on his F-16 Blade "Lucky Duck".  With two races left anything could happen... As usual, follow the results to see the whole story!

2009 Tybee 500 - Pirates of the Chesapeake!

Alec Daunheimer and Keith Chapman mounted their second attempt at the Tybee 500 race this past May.  The last time that they tried this in 2007, things just didn't go their way, and they still have the broken hull to prove it!  That attempt started with Keith getting the stomach flu and ended with a crash in the Cocoa Beach surf.  To be honest, the bad luck started early in that attempt - even getting the boat fitted out seemed to incur a long list of ridiculous happenings.  But things definitely worked out better this year - sailing as the sixth boat in Team Velocity in 2009, their luck was quite different.   And while they certainly didn't contend for the win, they had their moments and at times paced with the big dogs.  The pic below is the first day's landing at Hollywood Beach.  For more on this, go to http://www.teampiratesofthechesapeake.com, http://www.tybee500.com, and even take a look at the June issue of Spinsheet, where two whole pages were devoted to the race featuring pictures by Wendy Daunheimer. 

The Chesapeake Pirates hit the beach in Hollwood!  Photo by Wendy Daunheimer

2008 Awards Party!

The Fleet finally got around to having its 2008 Award Party, literally about 2 weeks before the 2009 Skippers Meeting!  Hey, you all wouldn't know it was us if we did something on time!  In addition to handing fine Roger-made trophies for all the top spots, Ed Mills was once again crowned the winner of the 2008 High Point trophy.  Way to go Ed!  Check the results to see the whole story!

For those up on their Fleet history, they'll know that this year marks the 20th year the Fleet has been bringing weeknight racing for beach cats to Galesville!  There's one man responsible for making this happen, and that's Roger Holmes.  To commemorate this happening and to thank the man responsible, Roger was presented with a framed copy of the Chesapeake Bay Magazine cover that featured his boat!  The front carries an inscription expressing the thanks of the sailors, and Fleet members signed the back.  Truly a great thing for a great accomplishment!


Roger getting his just reward!  Photo by Wendy Daunheimer