WRCRA Web-based Portsmouth Calculator!

Check it out!  The World's first (as far as we know) web-based calculator for Portsmouth corrected time calculations!   Just click the button below to pop up windows containing a calculator that will take elapsed time, Portsmouth number, and correction factors and turn it all into corrected time.  Each time you click the button a new one will pop up, so you can do side-by-side comparisons (they may come up on top of each other, just move one to the side).  Perfect for figuring out how much that Inter-20 needs to beat your AquaCat by before you won't time out over him!  Then add the correction for putting a Hooter on your AquaCat to see what difference that makes!  Great fun!  The calculators will stay up even if you leave this site, so you can use them while looking over results or ratings tables!  Enjoy!

Note - The numbers should be entered just as from the tables - i.e. PN of 71.8 for a Hobie-18, correction factor of 0.972 for adding a spin.