WRCRA 2017 Racing Schedule

This is the proposed schedule for 2017!

The Fleet runs three series, with the races taking place on Tuesday nights except for the Frostbite races, which are on Sundays.

The WRCRA 2017 regular Racing Season will begin April 22 for the first 12 races of the Spring/Summer Series. Due to the usual year to year date creep, the Frostbite stays bumped up to 8 races this year!  Below is the schedule for 2017:

                    2017 Series Skipper's Meeting - To be announced

Spring/Summer Series - (12 Races - 4 throw outs) April 18 through July 4*, 2017.    

Summer/Fall Series - (12 Races - 4 throw outs) July 11 through September 26, 2017.    

Frostbite Series - (8 Races - 1 throw out) Sunday October 1 through November 19, 2017. 

* Due to holiday the last race may be rescheduled or dropped

Note: The final Frostbite series schedule will be determined towards the end of the Summer/Fall series, but is usually what is posted here!  If there is no specific discussion the schedule listed stands as is.

The Tuesday night start sequence is as follows:

Non-Regular Series Races!

Stay tuned for information regarding other races for 2017.   The distance racing circuit will be comprised of CRAC, CBYRA and NASS races.  Further information on these races can be found at http://www.sailcrac.com.  

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